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30th Anniversary!!

We are proud and happy to announce 2022 is the year Chimacum Tack has been [...]

The 2021 HorseDriver Gift Guide!

There’s something special about the magic of the holidays – those warm feelings of giving [...]

Back to Black!

Supply chain and capacity challenges: Our long-time artisan partners at Countryside Harness have been kept [...]


Janie to Retire!

After nearly 30 years, Janie Amdal is passing along the proverbial reins to the next [...]


How to Measure Bridle Cheeks

Sometimes, the bridle cheeks you get with your bridle are too long. Sometimes, they are [...]

Measuring A Young Equine For A Harness

Sometimes we need to buy a harness for a young horse, pony, donkey or mule. [...]


What Exactly Do the Sizes Mean on Our Size Charts?

We have been updating the website and adding size charts to most of the products [...]

How to Create a Wishlist on Our Website

Did you know that you can save your favorite products on our website to a [...]

Welcome Amie!

Meet our newest Team Member: Amie Howard! Join us in welcoming Amie to the team! We are [...]


How to Use Our Website

We get a lot of questions about using our website. I made this little video [...]

Chimacum Tack YouTube Channel!

About 2 years ago we started a YouTube channel where we share videos showcasing our [...]

Who Are We?

When you call, email or message us who are you talking to? I sometimes get [...]

Inventory Clearance Sale!!

January is a great time to start fresh, and that’s just what we’re doing: Clearing [...]

Let’s Discuss Materials!

If you have ever handled one of our harnesses you will know they are soft [...]


The ComfyFun Trail Harness

This harness is exactly as the name describes. A harness perfect for the various terrain [...]


How to Punch a Hole in the Soft Strap or Brahma Web

I am asked this question all the time… Just how do we go about punching [...]

The Comfy Curve Harness Girth

Why would someone need a comfy curve harness girth when driving? After all the girth [...]


How to Make a Work Horse Collar

The harness shop makes our harness sets, such as the Pleasure/Buggy harness, the MaraFUN harness, [...]

May 2019 Sale! In-stock Brown ComfyFit Parts 20% off

Happy May! Fresh off a trip to our favorite Harness Maker, we are excited to [...]