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Welcome Kirsty!

Hi everyone! I am Kirsty Bedwell, the newest member here at Chimcaum Tack!! I’ve been [...]

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Just What is a Traditional / Pleasure Driving Harness?

Pleasure – Driving harnesses have the same basic parts as any other harness, with variations [...]

Just What is a Farm / Work Harness?

Harness for horses and other work animals are designed to fit the job for which [...]


Which Harness Do I Need for What I’m doing and How Do I Figure it Out?

“Which harness do I need?” is the first question you should be asking yourself when [...]


Bowman Bits

Looking at all the Bowman Bits on the website can feel overwhelming. There are many [...]


Chimacum Tack now has Yacht Ropes!!

Chimacum would like to announce…. we now carry several different sizes and types of Yacht [...]

Maren joins ADS Board of Directors

Maren Amdal, CAE joins ADS board Hi. I’m Maren Amdal, CEO of HorseDriver Equine Equipment LLC [...]

A Little Driving Mishap

We recently received an email from Miss Pam about a little driving mishap that she [...]

Welcome Mindy!

Exciting news from Maren: Chimacum Tack has always been a family business.  From time to [...]

Driving Event Resources 2018

A compilation of clubs and shows with events in 2018 by Goran & Gerda   [...]


Dividing and Multiples

Dividing and Multiples: A Post on Harness Conversion from Nana Janie Convert Single Harness to [...]


How And Why To Use Shaft Guards

How And Why to Use Your Shaft Guards A post from Nana Janie This fall, [...]

Warehouse Moving Sale!

Warehouse Moving Sale!  Now extended through Feb. 15th, 2018! Here at Chimacum Tack, we do [...]

Fitting Tips: Pleasure Harness

Fitting Tips: Pleasure Harness, by Janie Amdal The second most common and important question I’m [...]

How to measure for a Harness

A Step-by-Step guide, by Janie Amdal   Every day I hear from customers or prospective [...]


NorCal Fire Relief – Pay it Forward

NorCal Fire Relief: Pay It Forward Northern California has been up in flames over the [...]

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A little about Multiples

Driving Multiples: Advice from HorseDrivers We asked a question on the Facebook group about [...]

A Little About Neck Collars for Harnesses

By Janie Amdal Different types of harness are used for different purposes and require different [...]


How is the Comfy Collar Different from the Superflex Collar?

A post from Janie Amdal and Goran and Gerda Our new Chimacum Tack Superflex Collar [...]