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Singletrees and Eveners

A Post on Eveners from Janie Amdal I certainly wasn’t born knowing  about Single Trees, [...]


Shaft Loops: ABC

A post by Janie Amdal Since we began Chimacum Tack in 1992, you can imagine [...]


French Connection: Chimacum Tack visits Southwestern France

An interview with Carole Balestri, by Maren Amdal Last year, we sold a harness to [...]

7 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Driving

By Goran & Gerda We just love our online community, and our wonderful customers are [...]

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Beat the Heat: 6 Tips and Tricks

by Goran and Gerda Boy, it sure does get hot in the summer!  Where we’re [...]

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Clean your ComfyFit: 5 Tricks for Cleaning Bio or Beta Harness

by Goran and Gerda We sure love seeing how customers use our equipment, and one [...]


Become a Contributor! (How to post on the Horse Driver Blog)

by Janie Amdal We sure hope you’re enjoying learning from and about some of our [...]

History of Chimacum Harness: Meet the Whitemans!

By Janie Amdal A few weeks ago, I was thinking about what harness information to [...]


History of ComfyFit: Why we’re the Home of the Best Sport Harness on the Market

A history by Janie Amdal Why would we call ourselves the “Home of Comfy Fit [...]

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