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Winter Fun – Sledding safely!

If you live where it snows you know just how fun winter can be. Cold [...]


Tuesday Tip – How to put your harness in your harness bag

I get this question all the time. How do I put my harness in my [...]


Harness Part Names


Equine Fusion Trekking Boots – Brand NEW Product!

Equine Fusion came out with two new boot options this month! One is called the [...]

Measuring Comparison

We often have people ordering harness for young horses and ponies. I don’t have a [...]

How well do the vinyl colors match the strap colors?

I get this question all the time… and the answer is, it varies. Each strap [...]

Mindy’s Two Year Anniversary!

It’s amazing to think … but this April 1st is my TWO year anniversary! Time [...]

Which Harness Should I Choose?

We often get this question. I have written blog posts about this in the past [...]


Who Are We?

When you call, email or message us who are you talking to? I sometimes get [...]

Conformation Investigation

New Series! I was asked if I would be willing to look at YOUR horses [...]

Conformation of a Driving Horse

I’ll will start with this – when looking at the conformation of a horse for [...]


Thoughts on Purchasing a Driving Horse

Recently I asked people what they look for when they are purchasing a driving horse/pony. [...]


Which Harness Pad Is Best?

There are several thoughts about using pads on harness. Many trainers say if your harness [...]

Tuesday Tip – It’s Never Too Late

I visit with lots of people every week and find that many are surprised at [...]


Tuesday Tip – Cleaning Your Synthetic Harness

There are a few ways you can clean your synthetic harness: Put it in the [...]


How Do I Choose a Bit for My Horse?

This is a question I get nearly every week. First I recommend talking with your [...]

Tuesday Tip – Smooth Sailing

Winter time can be challenging if you live in a cold climate where your pony, [...]

Where to Sit in your Vehicle

Over on HorseDriver (on Facebook) we had an excellent question from Lynda Harris: Question: Why [...]

Tuesday Tip – Make Your Own Decisions

The horse world is full of opinions. It’s also full of “facts”. It can be [...]

Pleasure Harness

I often get messages from people who say Chimacum Tack is too expensive and they [...]