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Let’s Discuss Materials!

If you have ever handled one of our harnesses you will know they are soft [...]


Tuesday Tip – Cleaning Your Synthetic Harness

There are a few ways you can clean your synthetic harness: Put it in the [...]


Pleasure Harness

I often get messages from people who say Chimacum Tack is too expensive and they [...]


Driving on a Budget!

This is a fun topic and near and dear to many of our hearts… driving [...]

Tuesday Tip – Harness Keepers

You know those nice little keepers you find on any of our harness? They contain [...]

Just What is a Traditional / Pleasure Driving Harness?

Pleasure – Driving harnesses have the same basic parts as any other harness, with variations [...]

Which Harness Do I Need for What I’m doing and How Do I Figure it Out?

“Which harness do I need?” is the first question you should be asking yourself when [...]


The Whiteman Harness!

An announcement about Chimacum Tack’s newest product: The Whiteman Harness! Oh, I am so excited [...]

Fitting Tips: Pleasure Harness

Fitting Tips: Pleasure Harness, by Janie Amdal The second most common and important question I’m [...]