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How to Measure the Driving Collars (and hames!)

I am often asked how to go about measuring an existing collar. Sometimes we buy [...]

What Breast Collar Works Best with a Fallen Crest?

Sometimes we have unforeseen issues pop up with our equines and fallen crests are one [...]


How snug should my martingale be?

Most of our breast collars require a false martingale to function properly. The false martingale [...]


Fitting a SuperFlex or Comfy Collar

These two Euro Style breast collars have been very popular lately! I like them because [...]


Which harness goes with which vehicle?

Nearly every day someone asks me if they can use (insert any breast collar style [...]

Testimonial: Finding the Perfect Breast Collar

Sometimes we have a pony come along that doesn’t seem to work well in a [...]

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When can you use the Euro Style Collar?

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about Euro style collars. We sell [...]


Collar Types and How to Measure for a Horse Collar

I often get this question: What type of collar should I buy? Full Face? Half [...]

The Breast Collar

Working our way down the horse, next up is the breast collar. There are several [...]

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The Comfy Collar

Jennifer Keeler shared this wonderful testimony about the Comfy Collar and how it helped her [...]

How is the Comfy Collar Different from the Superflex Collar?

A post from Janie Amdal and Goran and Gerda Our new Chimacum Tack Superflex Collar [...]

What’s the Best Breast Collar for a Mini?

What’s the Best Breast Collar for a Mini? An opinion by Pat Weeks Breast collars [...]

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