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How to Keep Ponies in Shape During the Winter

If you have ponies that have been overweight then you understand the worry of winter [...]

Tuesday Tip – Bathing Made Easier!

Some horses grow such thick coats that it can be difficult to really scrub all [...]

Tuesday Tip – HandsOnĀ® Gloves

HandsOnĀ® Gloves are not only a wonderful grooming tool but can be used to help [...]

Tuesday Tip – Grooming

While we are all stuck, more or less, at home let’s share some grooming tips! [...]

Tuesday Tip – Using warm water to bathe your horse!

I have found that warm water makes the soap easier to rinse off AND make [...]


Tuesday Tip – Driving/Grooming Collar

One of the questions I get asked the most is how tight should the Driving/Grooming [...]