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Treed vs Treeless Driving Saddle

I am on Facebook quite a bit. More than I would care to be, to [...]


How to Clean Your Horse Bit

One piece of equipment that seems to often be forgotten to keep clean and shiny [...]

Why Would I Use Yacht Rope Driving Lines?

If you have been following my driving journey with Zorro over on my personal blog [...]

How to Turn Your Nylon or Beta Halter into a Breakaway Halter

Last weekend I shared a post where Zorro got his halter cheek caught on a [...]

Tuesday Tip – Bathing Made Easier!

Some horses grow such thick coats that it can be difficult to really scrub all [...]

Tuesday Tip – Horses & Hot Weather!

It seems that there are lots of conflicting articles out there about the best way [...]

Tuesday Tip – HandsOnĀ® Gloves

HandsOnĀ® Gloves are not only a wonderful grooming tool but can be used to help [...]

Tuesday Tip – Bit Cheeks

Let’s talk a little bit about bit cheeks! I’m just going to share what happened [...]


Tuesday Tip – Sock Gaiters for Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes

I often do some long trail drives and have found when we are out all [...]

Tuesday Tip – Driving Horse Books

I thought I would share some driving books that I have loved over the years! [...]

Collar Types and How to Measure for a Horse Collar

I often get this question: What type of collar should I buy? Full Face? Half [...]

Tuesday Tip – How to Detect Colic

Seems this is the time of year for colic. Spring vaccinations, spring grass, breaking into [...]

How to Measure for a Harness Video!

We understand how nerve wracking it can be to measure your horse, pony, donkey, mule [...]


Tuesday Tip – How Tight Should Your Girth Be?

After the last Tuesday Tip I had quite a few people write to me and [...]

Tuesday Tip – Placement of the Saddle

I have people ask me quite often, “where should I place the saddle?” (Of course [...]


How to Adjust the Winker Stay Wire on a Driving Bridle

Sometimes it may seem your bridle isn’t fitting correctly. This can be because your brow [...]


Long Lining & Ground Driving



Tuesday Tip – Simple Rein Board

I came across this on Beginning Carriage Driving over on Facebook. I asked the writer [...]

Tuesday Tip – Your Horse’s Vitals

As many of us are moving into spring (sorry those that are moving into fall! [...]

Tuesday Tip – Grooming

While we are all stuck, more or less, at home let’s share some grooming tips! [...]