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Tuesday Tip – Horse Safety For Kids

We were offered the chance to use this graphic as a info-graphic for helping kids [...]

How to Fit a Collar and Hames

Here is a short video showing how I fit Zorro’s collar and hames. I am [...]


Tuesday Tip – Balancing a cart in which the seat doesn’t slide

This is a tricky issue. Most carts DO have a seat that slides forward and [...]

How to Bridle Using Different Halter Styles

I shared a video of me bridling Zorro the other day and this brought up [...]

Tuesday Tip – The Carefree Lining

I have heard some people voice a concern about the carefree lining. Because it has [...]


Tuesday Tip – Good Manners = A Good Citizen (Part Two)

Part Two! What are some of the good manners every horse should understand to be [...]

Tuesday Tip – Good Manners = A Good Citizen

Part one! What are some of the good manners every horse should understand to be [...]

Tuesday Tip – Ice Balls!

If you live where there is a winter chances are you have dealt with ice [...]

Tuesday Tip – Managing feathers during a trim!

I did put toddler socks with toe cut out to keep his feathers out of [...]

Tuesday Tip – Just a few Driving Safety Tips

Happy New Year!! As I sat thinking about the new year and how I would [...]

Tuesday Tip – It’s Never Too Late

I visit with lots of people every week and find that many are surprised at [...]


Tuesday Tip – Drink Water!

My Tuesday tip today is – Drink more water! Did you know that we should [...]


Tuesday Tip – Cleaning Your Synthetic Harness

There are a few ways you can clean your synthetic harness: Put it in the [...]


Tuesday Tip – Smooth Sailing

Winter time can be challenging if you live in a cold climate where your pony, [...]

Tuesday Tip – Winter Driving

I live in Montana and winter came early for us this year. There are a [...]

Where to Sit in your Vehicle

Over on HorseDriver (on Facebook) we had an excellent question from Lynda Harris: Question: Why [...]

Tuesday Tip – Make Your Own Decisions

The horse world is full of opinions. It’s also full of “facts”. It can be [...]

Tuesday Tip – Harness Parts and Pieces

People often order harness parts to supplement harnesses they have at home. There is very [...]

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Tuesday Tip – What to do with Extra Strapping

Sometimes we are left with a very long piece of extra strap when fitting our [...]

Tuesday Tip – Sweet Mouth Bits

Chances are if you have a sweet iron mouth piece on your bit you have [...]