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The Stop and Back Up

The stop or Whoa is one of the most important things a driving horse will [...]

Tuesday Tip – All Things Equal

When harnessing your horse, pony, donkey or mule, it’s important to make sure all the [...]

Tuesday Tip – Using warm water to bathe your horse!

I have found that warm water makes the soap easier to rinse off AND make [...]


Tuesday Tip – Pulling a Horse Trailer

Chances are, if you drive horses, you also drive a truck and pull a horse [...]

Tuesday Tip – Horse Trailer Tips

Every spring and fall I have my Husband pull me around our neighborhood in my [...]

Tuesday Tip – Harness Organization

Sometimes, us harness collectors, can end up with lots of different sized harnesses hanging in [...]

Tuesday Tip – Snaps for your Hold Back Straps

Sometimes people like to use snaps for their hold back straps to make hitching and [...]


Tuesday Tip – Harness Keepers

You know those nice little keepers you find on any of our harness? They contain [...]

Tuesday Tip – Palazzo Pants!

Another great Tuesday Tip from one of our customers… Palazzo pants! Mary Lou Norland shares: [...]

Tuesday Tip – Measuring

I know, I know. I sound like a broken record over here when it comes [...]

Tuesday Tip – Two Wheeled Cart Covers!

It can be a challenge to find cart covers for our two wheeled carts that [...]


Tuesday Tip – Open Bridle versus Blinders

Some people drive using blinders, others like to drive in an open bridle. My rule [...]


Tuesday Tip – What makes a pony mouth different than a horse mouth?

I get questions all the time about what bit would be best for my pony. [...]

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Tuesday Tip – Trace Carriers

Sometimes the line of draft is a bit low on the easy entry carts and [...]

Tuesday Tip – Clips on driving lines

Having clips on the bit end of your driving lines is risky business. Not only [...]


Tuesday Tip – Harness Fit

I often get emails asking if this or that part of the harness is fitting [...]

Tuesday Tip – Spares/Repairs Kit

Last weekend I spent the entire weekend in the mountains, away from cell service and [...]

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Tuesday Tip – How to Adjust a Conway Buckle

A couple of our harnesses have a conway buckle on the back strap. This can [...]

Tuesday Tip – Two Wheeled Cart Balance

Balancing a two wheeled vehicle can be tricky. And it’s really a never ending endeavor. [...]


Tuesday Tip – Driving/Grooming Collar

One of the questions I get asked the most is how tight should the Driving/Grooming [...]