Hand made in the USA!  We love the sturdy, well-designed products – and the ability to customize.  Choose from among dozens of tried-and-tested bit configurations or build your own: your mouth piece, cheek piece, size and more…

From Start to finish it’s a winning performance

Bowman Bits is a family owned and operated manufacturer or their own line of high quality bits.  Unlike most all other bit makers who have a foundry to cast and mold their bits, Bowman makes each bit by hand – piece by piece.  Starting with a 12’ piece of steel, cutting it to size, bending, shaping, welding, sanding, and polishing it to a mirror finish.  Bowman is becoming the choice of many leading trainers in the horse industry.  Bowman says “If we don’t have, we’ll try to make it”.  Being large enough to serve you, but small enough to need you, make us your one stop shop for your harness and biting needs.

Bowman Bits USA – Jacob Bowman

Check out the full line, here: http://chimacumtack.com/product-category/bits/bowman-bits/