Chimacum Tack began working with Chupp Blacksmith Shop in 1993.  Once we began selling harness-related products, we needed a source for quality hames and hardware. I asked Countryside, and they said “Call Chupp; they have a message machine.”  Countryside also said, “We have always used their products.”  Knowing nothing about hames or harness hardware back then, much of what we now know and share with our customers has come directly from Wayne Chupp.

I began with a letter to them, and received a catalog and price list. I was able to leave questions and orders on their message machine, and products would magically arrive!  For about 20 years or so I’ve been able fax orders to them along with questions.  They’ve been in business for many years and are well regarded for the quality of their hames and other products.  I know from personal experience they are knowledgeable, friendly, fast, honest and completely reliable.

Chimacum Tack has sold Chupp hames for at least 20 years, but we plan to list all of their products for sale here, on our website. Every year we sell several hundred hame tops to people who make walking sticks, and of course hames with them.  Our prices are competitive because Chupp Blacksmith Shop stays competitive. I’ve never needed another Hame supplier, and don’t expect to.

We love the workmanship and care that goes into each item hand-made by Chupp’s craftsmen.