Working together over the years to integrate customer feedback we have customized and improved designs for harnesses and collars, coming up with product lines such as Comfy Fit, Care Free, and E-Z Care.  Best of all, if you need it in a special size, Countryside can make it for you, custom!

Countryside just celebrated their 25th anniversary this past year, and we are happy to say that we’ve worked together for 24 of those 25 years.  When we began to do business together, Countryside manufactured all their goods in what was a 12x20ft building which was the shop, the workshop, and parts house. The harness maker and one or two others were the complete staff. Today they have two 40x70ft two-story buildings with a 20x70ft single story building between! The original little building is now a machine shop.

Located in a small town in rural Iowa, Countryside designs, develops and manufactures a variety of products.  Specializing in harness for every need Countryside designed and makes:

  • Work Harness, (including pulling, logging, and farm harness) Parade Harness, Buggy harness in standard, deluxe and super deluxe styles all in every size from Mini thru draft.
  • Comfy Fit sport/competition/pleasure harness which they developed originally with Dave McQuethy in 1994.  Now available Mini thru Draft sizes.
  • Comfy Fit Comfy Collars
  • Marafun Harness – a traditional harness offered in wild and crazy colors for use in marathons or pleasure driving.
  • Specialty harnesses, including Dorsal Hitch, adaptive walking harness, custom harnesses for movies and museum displays.
  • Superflex euro style collars designed for use with the Marafun and other traditional style harness.

Harness is not their only product.  Countryside also makes or distributes

  • E-Z Care Riding Tack, halters for Equines, Goats and Llamas.  They even made a series of beautiful show halters for mini cows.
  • A full range of hardware for harness and saddlery items
  • A wide variety of materials used in harness making
  • Their own dies for punched parts, and distribute a line of high quality factory sewing equipment and materials.

In the last few years their innovations have included synthetic horse collars – called Carefree – which are so popular we have trouble keeping them in stock!  Incorporating feedback about the Carefree collars, they’ve just introduced the new synthetic FeatherFlex collars, which are a bit lighter and more flexible than the Carefree collars.

We carry and sell the full line of Countryside products, and will soon have all of these high-quality products available here in our web store.