These innovative, totally flexible, rubber-soled hoof boots offer a fantastic alternative to metal horse shoes and are designed to allow the hoof to function as nature intended. Suitable for most disciplines including trail riding, dressage, jumping, driving and also as a rehabilitation aid for injured or sensitive hooves.

The goal was to make a shoe that could give hoof protection in the most natural and comfortable manner for the horse. The result was the Jogging Shoes which were developed by a dedicated multi-skilled team consisting of Engineers in cooperation with Veterinarians, renowned horse trainers, hoof trimmers and experts in shoe material and construction.

The key features of these shoes are to give the horse comfort and the rider ease of mind through a flexible shoe that works with the hoof giving it support, cushioning and grip. The shoe conforms to the individual hoof and ground surface (sink in and allow for movement sideways/ forward), giving the horse the most natural step possible and allows the horse to feel the ground.