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Whether with their mini horses, mini donkeys, or ponies, most equine owners would love to share more open trail time if their carriage was lightweight, stable, and up to the task not only of easy forest paths, but also rough cross-country terrain.  This is all possible with the HyperBike!  It is smaller, lighter, and quicker than any other vehicle made for miniatures, and that is why Chimacum Tack supports Bob Graham and his company, Graham Carriage Works. This page is here first to tell you why you want a HyperBike, and second to tell you why you want the specially-made Chimacum Tack Harness to go with it.


There are a couple of things that set the HyperBike in a class all it’s own:

    • It was created and designed specifically for miniatures. In no way is it a scaled-down version of a pony or horse vehicle; it has been designed to truly understand and work with minis, physically and mentally.
    • It is light-weight, and focused on ergonomics.
    • Designed and handcrafted by a mini driver, for mini drivers, it’s been refined and perfected over more than 20 years.
    • The original HyperBike is made only by Robert Graham Carriage Works, in the USA. Just like calling us here at Chimacum Tack, you speak directly to Janie; When you contact Graham Carriage Works, you will speak to a real person, and usually the same person; a person who has built your carriage and knows it inside and out: Bob.


What is a HyperBike?

The HyperBike is a miniature horse cart designed specifically for the miniature horse, donkey and small pony.  It was the first “race-bike” produced, focused on equine ergonomics. Lightweight, the hyperbike is the lightest VSE vehicle around and is all about easy speed for the mini. First made in the early 1990s, HyperBike has continued  to reveal its character over past  twenty years and has become an ideal choice for the trail.

The design of the HyperBike addresses the horse’s ergonomic needs for specific geometry; it is not only very lightweight, tough and precise in its construction, but it’s design frees the horse to move more, and more naturally, ideal for “speed” events and classes.

What is behind the design of the HyperBike?

We believe that the horse should be put first in all things. The best management practice will always place the needs of those that we lead above self. If we seek to lead either people or animals, we must first become the servant of either. It is from this position of servant-hood to the horse that will prompt its enthusiastic acceptance of us as both leader and partner. In servant-hood, we are “All in” and immersed in the horse and walk right into their hearts and minds.


“Long experience has taught me that that if I can make your horse happy, I will make you happy as well.”

Robert Graham