Chimacum Tack is proud to sell hand-made blacksmiths goods from our friends at the Evener Shop.

Noah Troyer started the Evener Shop in 1980.  After 36 years, Noah has passed the torch to his son Daniel and the shop is going strong.  Their products are reliable,  well priced, and American made with care.  What more could we want!

Chimacum Tack began selling eveners and related items just a few years ago because people kept asking where to get them.  Of course, we contacted Countryside and they said to go to The Evener Shop: “I have a message phone for them, and I always use them myself.”

We don’t know enough about eveners yet, but Noah sure does.  If customers have questions we cannot answer with confidence, we simply have Noah call them directly!  Thanks to our warm relationship, Chimacum Tack can provide anything needed in the way of eveners and related items, and as we continue to grow we will keeping learning more about them.  Noah is a gracious teacher, and is happy to help get the right products to our customers.  I see another 25-year relationship in the making, here!

The Ever Shop has recently expanded their product line dramatically and all of those products will soon be available here on our web store as well.  We are pleased to continue to be able to provide our customers with top quality singletrees, yokes, hitches, pins and all manner of top-quality horse eveners.