How To Attach Quick Hitch Hold Back Straps

How to Attach Quick Hitch Hold Back Straps to the Shafts of your Driving Vehicle [...]

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How to Adjust a Side Check Rein

Adjusting the Side Check Rein on your Driving Harness The video below will show you [...]


ComfyFit Treed Saddle versus the Treeless Saddle

Driving Harness Saddles – Treed vs. Treeless DISCLAIMER: This blog is about the ComfyFit Treed [...]


An Introduction to Therapeutic Carriage Driving

Therapeutic Carriage Driving By Amanda Bubb As horse lovers, we all know the power of [...]

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Are My Shafts too Wide or too Narrow?

Fitting the Shafts of your Driving Cart Nearly every week I have someone call and [...]


The 2021 HorseDriver Gift Guide!

There’s something special about the magic of the holidays – those warm feelings of giving [...]

Breakaway Halter Attachments – Mini Size and Horse Size

We have come out with a slightly different Halter Breakaway Attachment for the minis and [...]

Safety Check – Halter Cheek Snaps

Sometimes halters will have a snap on the cheek. This makes putting the halter on [...]


How To Adjust Your Traces

Harnessing and hitching a horse or pony for driving has such a long learning curve. [...]

Buying A Harness One Piece At A Time

Some of us can’t afford to purchase a new harness all at one time. (I’m [...]


Back to Black!

Supply chain and capacity challenges: Our long-time artisan partners at Countryside Harness have been kept [...]


The Farm/Work Harness

Just how do you put on a Farm/Work style harness? The Farm/Work Style harness is [...]


Janie to Retire!

After nearly 30 years, Janie Amdal is passing along the proverbial reins to the next [...]


How to Measure the Driving Collars (and hames!)

I am often asked how to go about measuring an existing collar. Sometimes we buy [...]

Donkathon: Donkeys Raising Research Funds for The Multiple Sclerosis Society

This summer, our dear friend and long time customer, Polly Vacher, set out with her [...]

Traces – Combo End or Slot End?

When you buy a ComfyFit Harness or the Pleasure Harness you have a choice in [...]


How to Fit Driving Harness

A Guide on Fitting Your Harness Fitting harness can be tricky. Especially if one is [...]


Measuring and Ordering Mini Horse and Pony Boots

As you know, we sell Equine Fusion shoes! We also sell a therapy boot made [...]

How to Measure Bridle Cheeks

Sometimes, the bridle cheeks you get with your bridle are too long. Sometimes, they are [...]

Measuring A Young Equine For A Harness

Sometimes we need to buy a harness for a young horse, pony, donkey or mule. [...]