Buggy Bags

Some of our customers and friends have such talent at crafting new horsey products! So [...]


Learning to read sweat patterns and pressure marks

Part of driving our equine friends is making sure our harness fits them correctly. Not [...]

Using HandsOn Grooming Gloves to Knock the Mud Off Your Horses Legs

My HandsOn Grooming Gloves are really just one of the most versatile grooming products in [...]

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The Story of Pippin and his Whiteman Harness

One of the best parts about all of our jobs here at Chimacum Tack, is [...]

What is a Check Rein?



How to use a collar and hames with a Pleasure style harness

Pleasure harnesses are such a great bang for your buck! They can be used with [...]

How to Keep Ponies in Shape During the Winter

If you have ponies that have been overweight then you understand the worry of winter [...]

Winter Fun – Sledding safely!

If you live where it snows you know just how fun winter can be. Cold [...]


Tuesday Tip – Navigating Relationships

Relationships are central to our lives as social beings. Our horses are also social beings, [...]

Tuesday Tip – What bit should I start my horse with?

I get this question weekly. Which bit is the best one to start my young [...]

Tuesday Tip – Should I buy a harness or a long lining kit?

When starting a young driving horse it can be daunting shopping for the right equipment. [...]

How to Use Our Website

We get a lot of questions about using our website. I made this little video [...]

Tuesday Tip – Fluffing up Wet Ponies

It is rain and mud season here in Southeastern Pennsylvania! Which means keeping my ponies [...]

Why a collar and hames?

Weekly, I discuss harness option with people. I always ask what it is they are [...]


WHY a Donkey Harness?

So, you have a donkey and are shopping for harness. There are so many options [...]

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How to measure an existing harness

Usually, I ask people to head out and measure their horse or pony for a [...]

Chimacum Tack YouTube Channel!

About 2 years ago we started a YouTube channel where we share videos showcasing our [...]

Tuesday Tip – Protecting your shafts during transportation

I had this wonderful idea come in from a long time customer and friend, Lynda. [...]

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The difference between the over girth and the wrap strap girth

What is the difference between a “regular” style girth with an over girth and the [...]


Tuesday Tip – How to put your harness in your harness bag

I get this question all the time. How do I put my harness in my [...]