How to Measure Your Horse for a Bit

If you want to order a harness, please send us measurements. If you want to [...]

Tuesday Tip – Driving Horse Books

I thought I would share some driving books that I have loved over the years! [...]

Collar Types and How to Measure for a Horse Collar

I often get this question: What type of collar should I buy? Full Face? Half [...]

Conformation Investigation – Bella and Missy

Today we get to take a look at TWO adorable miniature horse mares, Bella (the [...]

Tuesday Tip – How to Detect Colic

Seems this is the time of year for colic. Spring vaccinations, spring grass, breaking into [...]

Measuring Comparison

We often have people ordering harness for young horses and ponies. I don’t have a [...]

How well do the vinyl colors match the strap colors?

I get this question all the time… and the answer is, it varies. Each strap [...]

How to Measure for a Harness Video!

We understand how nerve wracking it can be to measure your horse, pony, donkey, mule [...]


Conformation Investigation – Chip

This week we get to take a look at a yearling! I’ve been excited to [...]

Tuesday Tip – How Tight Should Your Girth Be?

After the last Tuesday Tip I had quite a few people write to me and [...]

Tuesday Tip – Placement of the Saddle

I have people ask me quite often, “where should I place the saddle?” (Of course [...]


Conformation Investigation – Parker

The next conformation investigation is Parker. He is a 16 hand 9 year old gelding. [...]

How to Adjust the Winker Stay Wire on a Driving Bridle

Sometimes it may seem your bridle isn’t fitting correctly. This can be because your brow [...]


Tuesday Tip – Simple Rein Board

I came across this on Beginning Carriage Driving over on Facebook. I asked the writer [...]

Conformation Investigation – Cinder

This series of posts discussing conformation and how it effects your driving horse or pony [...]

Tuesday Tip – Your Horse’s Vitals

As many of us are moving into spring (sorry those that are moving into fall! [...]

Mindy’s Two Year Anniversary!

It’s amazing to think … but this April 1st is my TWO year anniversary! Time [...]

Conformation Investigation – Jessica

Next up in our Conformation Investigation series is Jessia. She is a miniature horse mare, [...]

Online Resources!

With all the social distancing and cancellation of events across the country, we thought it [...]