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Learning to read sweat patterns and pressure marks

Part of driving our equine friends is making sure our harness fits them correctly. Not [...]

How to use a collar and hames with a Pleasure style harness

Pleasure harnesses are such a great bang for your buck! They can be used with [...]

Winter Fun – Sledding safely!

If you live where it snows you know just how fun winter can be. Cold [...]


WHY a Donkey Harness?

So, you have a donkey and are shopping for harness. There are so many options [...]


Treed vs Treeless Driving Saddle

I am on Facebook quite a bit. More than I would care to be, to [...]


Tuesday Tip – What to do with Extra Strapping

Sometimes we are left with a very long piece of extra strap when fitting our [...]

The ComfyFun Trail Harness

This harness is exactly as the name describes. A harness perfect for the various terrain [...]


Testimonial – Comfy Curve Girth

Thank you to Barbara Buhler for sharing her experience with the new Comfy Curve girth! [...]

The Comfy Curve Harness Girth

Why would someone need a comfy curve harness girth when driving? After all the girth [...]


Our Harness Shop!

Earlier last week I promised a blog or two (or three!) sharing a bit about [...]


May 2019 Sale! In-stock Brown ComfyFit Parts 20% off

Happy May! Fresh off a trip to our favorite Harness Maker, we are excited to [...]

Treeless ComfyFit Saddle

Finally! It’s here!! The Treeless Comfy Fit Saddle! For years we have been hoping to [...]

Have you ever driven a VSE? Part Three

Part Three! Written and shared by Al Bulgawicz. Thank you Al! Mindy~ How does it [...]

Have you ever driven a VSE? Part Two

Part Two! Again a big thank you to Al Bulgawicz for sharing this information with [...]

Have You Ever Driven A VSE?

Thank you to Al Bulgawicz  for sharing this article he wrote with us here at [...]

Which Harness Do I Need for What I’m doing and How Do I Figure it Out?

“Which harness do I need?” is the first question you should be asking yourself when [...]