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How To Adjust Your Traces

Harnessing and hitching a horse or pony for driving has such a long learning curve. [...]

How to Measure the Driving Collars (and hames!)

I am often asked how to go about measuring an existing collar. Sometimes we buy [...]

Learning to read sweat patterns and pressure marks

Part of driving our equine friends is making sure our harness fits them correctly. Not [...]

How to use a collar and hames with a Pleasure style harness

Pleasure harnesses are such a great bang for your buck! They can be used with [...]

Harness Fit – From One of Our Ambassadors

Time for Updates! Before you groan and resign yourself to spending an hour waiting to [...]

Tuesday Tip – What to do with Extra Strapping

Sometimes we are left with a very long piece of extra strap when fitting our [...]

Tuesday Tip – All Things Equal

When harnessing your horse, pony, donkey or mule, it’s important to make sure all the [...]

Tuesday Tip – Measuring

I know, I know. I sound like a broken record over here when it comes [...]

Tuesday Tip – Harness Fit

I often get emails asking if this or that part of the harness is fitting [...]

Tuesday Tip – How to Adjust a Conway Buckle

A couple of our harnesses have a conway buckle on the back strap. This can [...]