Yes! Because the breast collar is separate from the rest of the harness this means you can simply switch the breast collar out and use a collar and hames when you need to drag something with a low line of draft such as a tire, an arena drag, a sled, or a vehicle with a low line of draft.

Learn more about using a collar and hames with a pleasure style harness here:

How to use a collar and hames with a Pleasure style harness

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We have two styles of Hames:

  1. Buggy Hames: These hames are the smaller, lighter hames.  They are often a half round (for the minis and small ponies) and usually they don’t have the hame tops – though you can get a set with those. This style hame works with the Buggy Collar as well as the All Purpose Collar.
  2. Farm/Work Hames: These are the hames that are heavier, often full round instead of half round and they always have the hame tops with the balls. The collars these hames will work with are the Field Collars, the Work Collars and the All Purpose Collars.

For a full list of which hames go with which collars, and more ordering details visit this article:

Harness Sets

We have MANY articles and resources on our website that go into detail about how to fit a Harness. Please take a look through these articles:

We talk about this on our website ALOT!

Please take a look at this article:

How to Measure for a Harness Video!

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And visit our Size Charts page for further instruction on measuring for a harness:

Size Chart page

Need to know the name of a particular part of the harness, we list them all out here:

Not sure what harness to use with your vehicle, or vise versa? We go over all of that here:

Our harnesses are 100% synthetic strapping! That’s right – NO leather! We use two different types of material:

  1. Brahma Webb™: made by Weaver Leather, this material is a great choice for synthetic harness or tack. The web is very durable, tough and wears excellent. This strapping has a thin interior webbing impregnated with synthetic material which looks and feels very much like leather.

    Most Brahma Webb™ is matte finish and grained to resemble leather, while offering easy care, weather resistance and durability, and is not affected by weather, does not absorb water, does not stretch, maintains its shape, and is easily cleaned with water or a damp cloth. It is extremely durable!

    Many of our horse sizes harnesses are made from Brahma Webb™ and most of our traces. Our colored harnesses and colored parts are made using Brahma Webb™ material called soft strap.

    Some of our first Brahma Web™ harness made in 1993 and 1994 is still in daily use and shows no sign of wearing out!

  2. BioThane®: is a synthetic product made in the USA. BioThane® is the brand name of all coated webbing products made by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp. It’s basically a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof, easy to clean and weldable. The ComfyFit Harness, the Pleasure Harness and all of our driving lines are made using the Biothane® material.

For more information and comparison pictures and video, visit this article:

Let’s Discuss Materials!

If you have ever handled one of our harnesses you will know they are soft and supple. They feel [...]

Many of our Harness Sets come as a pair! When ordering your Harness, select “pair” in the configuration drop down menu. These include:

No. If you are driving a single horse right now then just order a single harness. The pairs ComfyFit and Pleasure style harnesses are EXACTLY the same as the single harnesses. The pair option is simply two single harnesses with all the parts and pieces to hitch your horses as a pair, including: 

  • side pair rigging
  • pair driving lines
  • pole straps

If you know you want to drive pairs later make sure to order the Pair Ds with your single harness order. This will mean the shop will put an extra set of D rings BEHIND your trace buckle on your breast collar. This will allow you to attach your pair rigging from the breast collar, to the girth to the breeching. The breast collar that has the Pair Ds will also have rings in the front of the breast collar for the pole straps.

Please don’t think that you would order a single harness now for your one driving horse and then need to order TWO harnesses later to drive your current horse and your new horse as a pair. This is simply not the case.

We do not recommend ordering a pairs harness unless you have BOTH horses available for measuring. Trying to guess how big a young horse is going to mature may result in your second harness not fitting. And we can not guarantee fit on a horse that isn’t mature or can’t be measured. Our 100% fit guarantee will only apply to those harness in which the horse has been measured.

The leather lining will require some maintenance. It is a lovely soft, supple leather but you will need to clean it and oil it to keep it that way.

The carefree lining (pictured below) is NOT neoprene, nor does it trap heat and make them hotter. It is a waffle pattern material (that does NOT trap manure) that allows for some air flow between the horse and the lining and does not require special care. You can simply hose your harness off, along with your horse, after a hard work out, or an especially muddy drive.

Harness Sizing

We sure do! Most of the products we sell come in draft sizes – including our Collars, Harness Sets, and Halters!

Other Parts and Pieces

When you are ordering a ComfyFit harness there are three girth choices:

  1. The Comfy Curve Girth is one of our newer girth options. This girth is the widest option and great for strenuous driving over varying terrain with lots of climbing up and then down, when the cart will want to tip forward and then back a bit. This style of girth will also ensure the buckles stay out of the horse’s elbow area. This is also a great option for those ponies with a bit of a belly that tends to pull the straight style girth forward into the girth groove, making the saddle sit at an angle, tipped back towards their tail. The shape of the curved girth will allow the saddle to sit a little further back without tipping or with much less tipping. The buckles sit below the end of the girth meaning they will not touch the horses sides.
  2. The Elastic Girth is just that. It is a girth made from elastic material. This style is the narrowest of the three options but a great option if you are doing strenuous marathon style driving as it will flex with the horse, allowing it to take deeper breathes, and also will not slip and slide around as the horse is galloping through obstacles. You do need to be aware of how tight you are making. Since it does stretch it can get a little bit too tight. Both of the buckles are backed by our synthetic patent leather material and will not touch the horses sides.

  3. The Standard ComfyFit Girth is the old straight, padded girth that has come with the ComfyFit harness for years and years. It’s the great oldie but goodie! This girth is well padded but a little narrower than the curved girth. Both of the buckles are padded and will not touch the horses sides.

The combo end trace is just as the name suggests. It’s a combination of the slot end trace style and the ring end trace style. We highly suggest everyone choose this style of trace end because it will allow you to hitch to several different kinds of vehicles.

The ring will allow you to use a quick release shackle style attachment for different vehicles as well as dragging things like tires, logs and other drags with your traces. This makes it so you don’t need a separate set of traces for each thing you want to do. Ultimately this could save you money!

The Combo End trace does NOT add any extra length to the trace. So, for example, if you ordered 62″ long traces this style trace will be 62″ long from end to end, the exact same length as the trace with only the slots.

Ordering from Chimacum Tack

Once you have everything in your cart, you will click the Proceed to Checkout button:

The next screen will show your billing and shipping addresses. Scroll down BELOW these and you’ll see a box that says Order Notes (optional):

THIS is where you will put your measurements and any other information we need to know such as Brow Band style, what straps you would like what color (remember ONLY the brow band, the nose band, the neck straps and the hip straps can be colored straps…) and anything else you feel is important. This is also where you can ask to have someone call you about your order if you want to discuss it before it gets sent to the harness maker, collar maker, blacksmith or evener shop.

First, the orders come to our back office of the website. Either Mindy or Amie looks them over, to make sure the measurements are all there, that the order makes sense – sometimes a random mess of things will be in the cart, we can deduce what is trying to be done, and we know these parts won’t work. So, we will call the customer to discuss what may work better.

If there are any notes in the note box with questions then we will reach out to the customer before processing the order. So, if you want to talk to someone before your order is sent off to the harness maker, please, write a note in the note box!

After we have made sure everything is correct with the order then either Amie or Mindy will send the order off to the appropriate supplier.

We have to type each order individually and for some, call them in over the phone, carefully spelling each and every word – M-i-n-d (as in dog)-y S (as in Sam)-c(as in cat)-h-r-o-d (as in dog)-e (as in Edward)-r and so on and so on for the entire name and address. 

We have about 10 different suppliers that we use to fulfill orders. This is why, sometimes, you will receive several different boxes for one order.

When you receive an email/invoice that is marked Completed, this means one of us has checked your order, typed up the email and sent the order off to the proper supplier. This does NOT mean your order has been shipped. Also, please note: we will ALWAYS type a note on the invoice once it’s been completed. This note will let you know if you should expect more than one package for your order. This invoice will be emailed to you. We do not do printed invoices.

Chimacum Tack does not have a store front, nor do we have a warehouse to store products. Though we keep a very small amount of things on hand, not one of us has the storage to keep everything we sell on the website on hand. Our suppliers DO have the warehouses and room to store product.

If you need to check on your order please provide an invoice # or the name you placed your order under. Very often we have customers place orders under different names than they call with. This makes it very difficult for us to find the order. So if you order with an alias name (and yes people do) then please give us THAT name so we can look up your order!

Yes! All of our payments are run through PayPal. Since, Chimacum Tack has a PayPal account, you don’t have to have one. You can choose to pay as our guest, with your credit card.

We walk you through how to do this, step by step, in this article: