Measuring for your Harness

It’s important to have just the right measurements if you want your harness to fit comfortably and perform well for years to come.  This page is designed to help you measure, and to provide you a place to provide those measurements to us.

Measuring for a harness is not difficult, but it is essential to getting a correct fit. See the following key and illustration below.

A. From corner of mouth, over poll, to other corner of mouth.
B. Length around nose, taken about two fingers width below the prominent cheek bone.
C. Length of browband – temple to temple.
D. Length of horse measured just on the side.  Not center of chest to center of tail.
E. Height of horse from lowest hair on mane to the ground.
F. Girth – measured at the heart girth as shown.
G. Length of back from position of harness saddle to base of tail. Line should be straight, not conforming to horse’s body.
H. Point of shoulder to point of shoulder on the other side.
I.  Point of hip to the point of hip on the other side.

Here is a link to a video that shows How to Measure for a Harness.

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