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For more than 25 years, we’ve been working with equine experts: trainers, breeders, judges, and top competitors. We’ve gotten to know a lot of smart folks, and they love our harness!  They like to tell their friends and clients about our quality products because they really fit and they really last, and because we really follow through to be sure you’ve got the best product for your purpose.

Our customers are literally all around the world, and we want to continue to help both returning and new customers alike make connections in the driving world, as well as ensure they’ve got just the right harness that fits just the right way for happy, healthy driving.  One way we do just that, is through our brand new Chimacum Tack Ambassador program.  While Janie is nearly always available by phone, she can’t be everywhere at once! So…

We have begun to identify experts in a number of regions and set them up to help others with harness and driving questions – putting boots on the ground, so to speak.  Chimacum Tack Ambassadors are seasoned equine drivers as well as long-established customers who have agreed to help new drivers select, fit, and purchase their first harness from us here at Chimacum Tack.  We’re careful in selecting our Ambassadors, so you can feel confident reaching out to these folks with questions about fit and function of your new harness.

(The list below will be updated regularly as new Ambassadors are added.)

pony in snow wearing sunflower garland

Mindy Schroder,
The Essential Horse

Mindy is an experienced horsewoman, author of a best-selling book on harness driving, and a cheerful regular contributor on our blog and social media.  An active community member and educator, she recently launched a Montana-based driving club, Hooves & Harnesses, which has already attracted nearly 100 members!  We are delighted that she is willing to support our driving friends throughout the state of Montana!

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Don’t see an Ambassador near you?  Just call us, and we’ll be glad to help you out.

If you are a long-time customer who is also a driving expert interested in becoming a Chimacum Tack Ambassador, please be sure to read about details of the program, here.