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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to read through these and all of our other FAQs before calling:

We do our best to be available!  We have customers all over the world and we welcome your calls. When you dial 224-HAR-NESS you’ll have the option to leave a message or to select from the options to reach one of our Team Members directly.  We try to answer during regular business hours, which are 9a-4p Central Time.  Our small staff works to respond promptly to every inquiry, and we appreciate your patience with returning voice messages.  We also always welcome email to

Two reasons:

  1. We often manually review orders before processing because we want to make sure that we have the sizing/fitting information to ensure that what you order is going to fit and be exactly what you need and want.  So many of our customers need custom work done, we’ve set up our processes to be a little different than some other large e-retailers.
  2. The majority of our items are American-made by hand, by Amish craftsmen.  Even our in-stock items are often shipped from our Midwestern warehouse.  While we can sometimes obtain tracking information, we’ve selected our Amish craftspeople for their skills in harness making, not their technological access. When preparing international orders, we specifically request tracking information; for more “standard” domestic orders, we frequently ship via USPS and do not receive tracking information.  Regardless, we get any tracking information verbally during our bi-weekly phone calls.

We will always do our best to let you know when to expect your order.

We try to keep prices low, and shipping is always a challenge. We generally ship USPS – and we’ve gotten good at fitting our products into flat rate boxes! Shipping on orders over $75 is generally free, but we’ll be sure to let you know at check-out what your specific shipping charges are going to be.

We accept PayPal, and all major credit cards.  We have even been known to accept payments on harnesses for our favorite customers!

That depends on where you are and what we’re shipping!  If it’s a made-to-order item, it could take three to four weeks for delivery.  For things we have in stock, we try to get them out the door and to the post office within a day of receiving your order.

Whether you call Janie and order over the phone, or you checkout through our website directly, your order is processed as quickly as we can.  Sometimes, there’s an extra step or two, for example we send your custom orders to our harness shop to be made to your specifications – and other times, we simply print out a shipping label and take your new product to the Post Office.

Certainly.  You’ll get an automatic confirmation of your order and an invoice through our nifty online shopping cart. Sometimes, you will also get a call from Janie if she needs other information or has a question to be sure you’re getting just what you need.

Here at Chimacum Tack we live our lives and run our business on simple foundations: We care about people and animals.  We treat others the way we would want to be treated.

In response to the devastating fires and hurricanes of the past few months, Janie and Maren are beginning a “Pay it Forward” chain: We’re inviting our customers and friends to help those affected to get back on their feet by helping you replace your tack.  Think of it like the coffee line stories you’ve heard of… the person in front of you buys coffee for the next person in line.  Only this time, our large community of horse folks are going to chip in to help you replace your tack and horse equipment.

If you’ve lost your barn to fire or flood, and you need to replace your equipment, simply send us a note and tell us what you most need.  We will send what we can in the short term.  We’ll cover administrative costs, and even shipping, and contributions will be spent at whole-sale to make every dollar count. We won’t be able to replace everything for everyone, but we’ll do it as a first-come, first-served basis and make it as fair as possible. Like the Christmas-time Adopt-a-family, if you’d like to one of our “Adopt-a-Barn” recipients, just send us a note with your request and a picture or two.

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