Any business needs great people to make things run smoothly, and we’re lucky to have some of the best!  Lots of family, and lots of good folks who have become like family!  Here’s a peek behind the stalls to see who’s making the magic happen.

The Team

Maren Amdal
Chief Everything Officer

Maren helps Chimacum Tack keep it’s ponies in a row both online and behind the scenes, bringing her corporate and non-profit operations management expertise to ensure Chimacum Tack is here for another 25 years.

Mindy Schroder
Product Promoter, People Pleaser, & Pony Princess

A life-long HorseDriver, Mindy joins the team to bring her experience with marketing, photography, design, and her social media talents to help us grow.  Known for her blog, The Essential Horse, her role with Chimacum Tack is to connect people to products, and to help solve problems.

Kirsty Sztenderowicz
Social Media Maven

Kirsty brings both her passion for horses and social media experience to Chimacum Tack with the role of introducing HorseDrivers across the globe to our brand while connecting and strengthening the driving community online. She introduces new drivers to our sport both online through her blog, The Pony Bunch, and in her local community.

Amie Howard

Amie Howard
Orders Orderly and Customer Champion

Long time customer and fan, Amie joins the Chimacum Tack team to support order processing and customer response.  She supports the behind-the-scenes stuff to be sure the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed as we work together to serve our customers.  When not helping out here, Amie can be found working on CDE goals and playing with her ponies.

Dave Rosen
Master of Webs, Weaver of SEO

Dave brings his technical expertise and warm humor to our family business, helping build and enhance our online presence so that HorseDrivers like you the world over can find the products they need for all the ways you drive.   You can find his services available at

Patric Grimwood
Senior Technology Consultant and Venture Partner

Patric built our very first website in 1993 and continues to provide all manner of tech support and trouble-shooting.

Abby Jones
Facebook Fairy

Abby is fresh out of school and eager to start life in the work world!  #adulting
She is bringing her social media prowess to the team, and will be working with the Gremlins, as well as Kirsty and Mindy to build our social media audience.

Ana-Marie Jones
Purveyor of Preparedness

Ana-Marie shares her multi-faceted expertise to help us apply her go-to phrase: Prepare to Prosper! Together, we think through marketing strategies and long-term growth planning.

Goran & Gerda

Tales of magical and mischievous littlepeople have been around for centuries, particularly in Scandinavian lore.  Gremlins live in most homes, appliances, and especially wheeled conveyances!

They can be friendly towards mankind and have helped engineers and inventors build many things, but when people took all the credit the Gremlins were insulted.  From that point on they began to cause trouble. 

Gremlins are clever builders, but are also thought to be responsible for mishaps and breakdowns with tools and equipment.

Our friendly little shop gremlins are siblings: You will find Gerda and Goran roaming around our webstore, hiding product images and magicking away site pages.  They are easily confused from their mischief by the ringing of bells.

If they hide something you’re looking for, just let us know and we’ll come sweep them away!

Janie Amdal
Founder AND Harness Nana

Janie founded Chimacum Tack more than 25 years ago with one goal: Bring good customer service and high-quality products to horse customers. All these years later, and her hobby has become a world-wide business that sticks to those same values.  We celebrate all she did to grow our business and wish her well in her retirement!  

David Amdal
Co-Founder and Chief Staff Entertainer - In memory

Dad held many positions over the years with Chimacum Tack, from Senior Barn Cleaner, to Shopkeeper, to Customer Kabbitzer, to Navigation Officer. We remember how he always kept us entertained. Mostly with stories about his antiques. He’s now helping out from heaven, with his faithful Chihuahua, Herbie, on his lap.