Comfy Collar for Mini Horses/Donkeys/Mules and Ponies


Comfy Collars (sometimes referred to as  the Euro Collar Style) combine the functions of a neck collar and a breast collar to  distribute the weight of the load across the neck and shoulders of the animal. The work of pulling is done both with the hind end, pushing thru the neck and shoulders,  and the forehand pushing up thru the shoulders.   Comfy collars  are flexible and lightweight for comfort as well as being cut to allow room for ease of shoulder movement. They are made with materials used in our ComfyFit Harness and match that harness well.  These Comfy Collars are sized for Minis, (horses, donkeys and mules) and Ponies

The design of the collar cap allows for adjustability of about 1.5″ – 2″ in  standard sizes.Mini/Pony Size Comfy Collars feature extra soft padding with 1″ trace buckles. This design also allows collars to be used on animals of  somewhat similar sizes by using another size collar top.