ComfyFit Harness – Mini-Draft


This is our well-loved, best-selling, most comfortable harness, specially designed with both the driver and animal’s comfort in mind. Lots of options and sizes. All guaranteed to fit.

Sizes range from all mini  sizes to draft/mammoth sizes. ComfyFit Harness – Mini-Draft  Prices are by size category.

  • Categories include:
    • VSE: Mini A, B, C,  Mini Donkey/Mule, Shetland, Small Pony, Standard Donkey,
    • Horse: Large Pony, Cob, Halflinger, Horse, Large Horse,  Mule, Mammoth Donkey
    • Draft: Mammoth Mule, Draft
  • This harness is a COMPLETE harness. It includes everything you need to hitch to your vehicle. Does not include the bit.