E-Z Care Beta Halters – Skinny


EZ-Care Skinny halters are made just for VSE’s – Mini Horses- Donkeys-Mules with tiny faces. Exactly like their wider counterparts except for strap width. Made from soft strap which is soft, flexible and very strong. Available in 3/8″ (black, white or tan) or 1/2″ all colors.  These are not always kept in stock.  Please allow 2 weeks. THIS IS NOT A HALTER WITH A BUCKLE ON THE TOP OF THE NOSE.

E-Z Care Halters are American made, with durable synthetic materials and are available in all strap colors.  These halters don’t fade, crack, attract debris, stretch, and they are not absorbent.  We have halters in use, looking good, that are 10+ years old.