Goran and Gerda’s Christmas Bell


Goran and Gerda have just returned from visiting their Momor and Boppa way up in the northern tip of Scandinavia. They were so excited to visit the family hytte, or cabin in the woods, to make Krumkaker, and Julestjerner and Pebbernodder… All their favorite cookies for the holidays!

The gremlins were so exhausted when they got home that they fell asleep in a basket of harness pads out in the shop, and slept all day. Along with cookies, Goran brought home a treasure they found on the trail from Mormor’s cabin: A string of shiny brass harness bells, just the kind that Santa’s reindeer wear as they fly through the clouds. The bells were caught up in a tree branch, with just a little piece of red ribbon tied in a knot, all twisted up as though one of the reindeer got a bit too close to a snowy tree. The gremlins wonder if it fell off one of Santa’s reindeer?

This little gift comes wrapped in a lovely white gift bag and includes the story, a recipe, and one of Santa’s beautiful brass bells tangled up onto a branch — perfect for giving the gift of magic at the holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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