ComfyFit Harness, Mini Donkey-Mule


This is our well-loved, best-selling, most comfortable harness, specially designed with both the driver and animal’s comfort in mind.

This is the mini donkey-mule version.  Made just for Mini Donkeys and Mules.

Many options to choose from, including various strap colors.

The bridle is designed for long ears, who have longer cheeks, wider browbands, and more narrow noses than horses. The harness also comes with three separate sizes of bellybands because we know that donkey and mule tummies change.  Most importantly, the breast collar is sized for skinny donkey chests.  Working with three diligent donkey drivers, we designed, redesigned, and reconfigured the Comfy Fit breast collar until it sits properly on mini donkey chests, stays where it belongs, and is really just right for your mini donkey.