Superfun Harness with Raspberry Accents and Upgrades SAMPLE SALE

$734.00 $650.00

Here is your chance to get the newest Superfun Harness Color – The first harness made with our new favorite color accents!  We made just this one which has turned out to be a sample for sale.  There is not a single other harness anywhere like it!  Sample Clearance Sale


  • Upgrade to padded breeching
  • Supergrip Lines with buckle at the hand and roller buckles at bit end
  • Raspberry soft strap  buckle nose halter w/throat snap, strapping the same width as the MaraFUN bridle – the skinny halter without the nose buckle but with a throat snap!
  • measurements: A – 29 B – 16 C – 13 D – 36 E – 33 1/2 F – 47 G – 23 H – 25 I – 27 J – 14
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