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Which Harness Pad Is Best?

There are several thoughts about using pads on harness. Many trainers say if your harness [...]

Pleasure Harness

I often get messages from people who say Chimacum Tack is too expensive and they [...]


How to Make a Work Horse Collar

The harness shop makes our harness sets, such as the Pleasure/Buggy harness, the MaraFUN harness, [...]

Harness Hacks!

A compilation of harness tips and tricks from Mindy! I thought I would share a [...]

Warehouse Moving Sale!

Warehouse Moving Sale!  Now extended through Feb. 15th, 2018! Here at Chimacum Tack, we do [...]

The Farm/Work Harness

Just how do you put on a Farm/Work style harness? The Farm/Work Style harness is [...]


Which Harness Should I Choose? What can I afford?

Unfortunately for most of us, price plays a big part in deciding which harness to [...]