Driving Event Resources 2018

A compilation of clubs and shows with events in 2018

by Goran & Gerda


Driving Event Resources 2018

Hello HorseDrivers!  For many of us, this is all about fun at home with our furry family.  But for many, we also enjoy the camaraderie, challenge, and sportsmanship of going to shows!  We asked on Facebook where our friends plan to do driving shows this year, and this little post is a starting place for a list of events in 2018.  We’ll do our best to link to source information and encourage you to get involved in your local club if you’re not already.

These are in no particular order, and we’d love to include your recommendations, too!  Feel free to comment below or send us an email to add your favorite show/clinic/club events to this page!


American Driving Society – National
If you’re not already a member, or at least following their great calendar of events, please get yourself right over there now and start saving show dates!  So much more than we could possibly list here on this post, so be sure to visit this link: http://americandrivingsociety.org/myads/calendar.aspx


The National Drive – In Indiana
Loads of folks tell us that The National Drive is their favorite event of the year, and we hope to make it to Spring Fling this year ourselves!  May 24-27 in Indiana. No list would be complete without the National Drive! Click here for both Spring Fling and Fall Classic:  http://www.nationaldrive.net/


Equestrian Institute – Washington State
We have lots of friends and customers from our many years in Washington State, so of course we’re always delighted to know what’s happening in Washington.  Our friend Merridy tells us that even though the website is getting a makeover this year, the dates are all confirmed: http://www.einw.org/pageDriving Our friend Louise also encourages folks to come to the EI driving clinic in June up at Ethel, Washington. Stacey Giere and Suzy Stanford are the clinicians, followed by Everything But the Kitchen Sink driving event.


Western Whips & Wheels – California
Our friend Ann Craig says this CDE at Inavale July 13, 14, and 15 is not to miss!  “Come see all the Comfy Fit harnesses on the equines!”  She also says to check into DECO, and we found this great article: http://www.nuggetnews.com/main.asp?SectionID=8&SubSectionID=8&ArticleID=22892


Central Valley Harness Association – California
We also know there’s fun stuff happening here in California, including a bunch of February and March events! http://www.centralvalleyharnessassociation.com/upcoming-events/


Idaho Miniature Horse Club – Idaho
Jessie Hunting says she’d love to have us come visit Idaho June 1-3! There’s a bunch of cool events coming up for the mini drivers in the Idaho area: http://www.idahominiaturehorseclub.com/event-calendar


Draft Horse Classic –
For our California friends, we think this Nevada City show sounds great.  Our friend Debbie Finnegan told us it’s a blast and we’ll be marking our calendars for September 20-23, 2018 http://nevadacountyfair.com/draft-horse-classic/


Carriage & Driving Society of Greater Kansas City
CDSGKC has a lot of great events coming up!  Check out their calendar page for some fun clinics and shows and driving opportunities.  http://cdsgkc.org/events.php Our friend Apryl Ballard says to come to My Revelation Carriage Classic in Kansas City and we sure think it sounds fun!


Driving Clinic – Utah
Jennifer suggested we include this upcoming clinic with Brian Coleman: https://www.facebook.com/events/356392068165808/?hc_location=ufi


Bluestem – Nebraska
This great flyer has lots of details about a slate of Carriage Classic shows coming up!https://scontent.fsnc1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/28337585_10212746864605318_2086595363422973197_o.jpg?oh=f680fb6b758fa104cb6cac9b6c752ef7&oe=5B176DED


3 thoughts on “Driving Event Resources 2018

  1. Mary Lu Norland says:

    We have a FB page entitled, “Driving in Mid-America.” We try to keep events that are occurring in our area updated.

  2. Anne Buckler says:

    Hi Janie Wine Country Equestrian Club in Yakima, WA is hosting a Cheryl Beaudry
    Desensitization and Trail Exposure Clinic in Yakima WA on April 7, 2018 Contact: Karen Lenberg @ Ti2Oliver@gmail.com
    Wine Country Equestrian Club in Yakima, WA is hosting a very beginner friendly HDT on May 5, 2018 in Yakima, WA Contact: Anne Buckler @ horsepoweryakima@gmail.com

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