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I’ve had a wreck while driving. Now What?

I get this question all the time, “What can I do to help my pony [...]

The Difference Between the Half Cheek and the Baucher

Two of our most popular mouth pieces for minis and ponies are the Arch Mouth [...]

Miniature Horse and Donkey Backpacks

Some of our customers and friends have such talent at crafting new horsey products! So [...]


Winter Fun – Sledding safely!

If you live where it snows you know just how fun winter can be. Cold [...]


Tuesday Tip – Bit Cheeks

Let’s talk a little bit about bit cheeks! I’m just going to share what happened [...]


Chimacum Tack now has Yacht Ropes!!

Chimacum would like to announce…. we now carry several different sizes and types of Yacht [...]

The Whiteman Harness!

An announcement about Chimacum Tack’s newest product: The Whiteman Harness! Oh, I am so excited [...]

Working with Raven

From Stephen McEvoy, to Janie Back in 2005, we sold a work harness to a [...]