Mighty Minis Independence Day Parade, 2017

An event update, by Jean Stuard


Our little group of miniature horse drivers has been attending the Keene Independence Day Parade for several years now, and it’s always so much fun!  Keene is a very small town that encourages all their people to either join the parade or come out to watch it.  People from the nursing homes, assisted living facilities and the hospital, as well as kids, parents, friends and family, line the parade route to enjoy the spectacle!

This year, as we lined up waiting for the judging to start, Barbara Siebenhausen, driving Skippy, noticed that every one of our horses had on a harness from Chimacum Tack!  Some are Chimacum, some are Comfy Fit, but we all agreed that they are the best harnesses going for our mini horses.  As most of you know, Chimacum Tack has been around for quite some time, so the different styles of harness are strictly the result of Janie Amdal updating and improving her product over time.  Two of our minis were being led in order to get them the experience of being in a parade, without having a cart attached.  Lisa Harris, a recent convert to driving, led Diane’s mare, Sassy.  Sassy wore a Comfy Fit buckle-over-the-nose halter, while Patsy Leach led Cooper, complete with a toy stuffed eagle attached to the saddle of his harness!  Becky Smith drove Copper Penny, Diane Gilbert drove Mr. BoJangles, with Ranger and I prancing along with them.

Once we were all harnessed and hitched, we drove around the judges so they could see our adorable minis, with all the red, white and blue glitter and glitz we could cram on those carts.  Several of the spectators even left the parade route to come see us – all those oooohs and aaaaaahs really made our day!  Just as we were lining up for the parade to start, the announcement came:  WE WON FIRST PLACE IN THE EQUESTRIAN DIVISION!

Quite a feather in our caps because we were up against some tough competition.  The adorable school girls wearing Wonder Woman costumes were a very close second.

Just wanted to share our fun day with you.  Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Fourth of July!


Jean Stuard

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