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Exciting news from Maren:

Chimacum Tack has always been a family business.  From time to time, when we would haul to shows in the early days, we’d hire a helper to watch the shop on weekends.  We’ve also had a website person or three over the years. But we’ve never really had “staff” in the traditional sense. This month, for the very first time, we welcome our first official team-member: Mindy Schroder!

Mindy joins us in a sales and marketing role to help us do a better job of making our great products more visible and making our great customers more happy.  Having been a horse woman her whole life, and a customer for more than 15 years, we know Mindy understands our business: Provide high-quality hand-made and American-made horse products at reasonable prices and always treat people the way we want to be treated.

We’ve had Mindy and her site listed on our Links we Like page for a long time, and we recently started selling her book “Step by Step Guide to Training a Miniature Horse to Drive,” but now we’re just thrilled to welcome her to our Team Members page, as well.  Mindy runs several online equine driving groups – Montana Hooves and Harness Driving group & the Horse Cart Conversion or Building group – and she is also well known for her blog, www.theessentialhorse.com.  Like Maren and Janie, Mindy will work remotely from her home – but instead of being in California, Mindy is in Montana!  You’ll be able to reach her at marketing@chimacumtack.com.

Mindy shares:

When I was little I wanted to BE a horse when I grew up. To say I’m passionate about horses is a drastic understatement. I literally GREW UP on the backs of horses and ponies.

Over the years I spent many hours with my ponies and horses learning from them. They all taught me so much about who I was and how to listen. I rode on ranches and in the mountains, I participated in mounted speed games called O-mok-sees and I studied dressage. I rode western and English and spent many hours behind the ponies in the cart. I enjoyed showing when I was younger but as I got older I got tired of the expectations and pressure that showing puts on both me and my horses. So now I have horses because they keep me sane. My passion is driving my minis on the country roads around my house and in the mountains. I also love taking my minis hiking.

I am so excited and honored to get to work with Maren and Janie at Chimacum Tack this year. Their wonderful customer service and desire to help people with their driving animals goes along perfectly with what I am doing over at The Essential Horse: Helping People Have Fun! Chimacum Tack is well known for their amazing customer service in which they do everything they can to ensure you have a safe, happy experience.

Maren, Janie and I (and Goran and Gerda of course!) have many ideas about how to bring even more information and wonderful tack your way, so stay tuned!



With her horse-woman’s heart, photographer’s eye for detail and design, and her experience building websites, blogs, and leading social media groups, we just know Mindy’s a perfect fit for our team and with her help, we’re confident we can continue to grow.   You can learn more about Mindy and her ponies on her site’s About page, and we know you’ll enjoy getting to know her here on HorseDriver blog and through your interactions with Chimacum Tack on Facebook and social media.

Mindy Schroder
Product Promotions & People Pleaser



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