Warehouse Move Complete!

Countryside has officially moved!

This move was a once in a lifetime event for our harness maker. Not only did they move their whole extended family, including four households, they moved the workshop and the complete warehouse as well – which was comprised of two 40 x 70 foot, two story buildings, and a 20 x 60 foot add on just for hardware! This involved hiring nine 53-foot commercial trailers, many horse trailers, several passenger vans, and trip after trip to get everything. They moved their buggies and wagons, and all their animals – horses, dogs, as well as other livestock, including goats and chickens!

They had planned to be moved and settled into their new home by mid February, but due to the weather and unforeseen complications that seem to always arise in a move, they didn’t finish moving and setting up until the first week of April. Countryside and all of it’s families and employees have worked very hard to get this move handled smoothly and they are distressed that they are still unpacking and also trying to make progress on the backlog of orders.  We sure empathize with the stress of moving!

Our big sale in January was set up with the idea that we could reduce their load for the move. It morphed into something a bit different with quite a few special orders, which we are always very happy to do, however getting these orders processed and finished before the move proved more difficult than any of us expected. We are upset that this confusion resulted in at least two customers without their harnesses and us unable to fulfill these orders in a reasonable time frame. Chimacum Tack is frustrated that we were not able to provide the service we are famous for and although we’ve done our best to get things done and to recompense people who have been ill served, we understand how frustrating it has been for some of our customers. We hate letting you down.

Countryside is still playing catch up at this time but we are happy to continue taking orders and will continue to work with them to prioritize where we can.  Plus, Janie is doing plenty of shipping of harness parts and bits and small pieces from our much smaller California warehouse. Please know we will continue to provide the family-style, old fashioned customer service that we are well known for and we deeply apologize for any difficulties our customers have experienced during this process.

Things will be back to normal very soon! In the mean time we thank you for your patience.

On the positive side: The new shop and warehouse is much larger: they’ve custom designed a 60 x 100 foot two-story building that is nearly twice the size of their former space.  In addition, the teams that have always sewn halters and the like will continue to make them in Iowa while they are adding makers in Missouri to increase their overall capacity.  Countryside will have more space for a larger variety of products, and their aim is to keep more in-stock for faster delivery.  It’s all very exciting…

From our early days when we were both new companies, Chimacum used to be one of only a handful of customers and Countryside was all housed in just one little wooden outbuilding with only two craftsmen.  How far we’ve all come, together!  We can’t wait to go visit the new shop and have already planned a trip to go visit in May.  We look forward to sharing pictures with you then.

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