How To Measure For A Single Tree

Let’s try this again shall we?!

How should I decide what size single tree I need for my wagon, to pull logs or to drag tires?

For the most part, if you tell us how tall your equine is, our Evener Shop will be able to get you the correct size. But to get in the ball park we can look at how we want the traces to engage when attached to the single tree.

If your single tree is too narrow then the traces will constantly rub at the equine’s stifle area. This can create rub marks and white hairs over time.

If your single tree is too wide then you will cause unbalanced pressure up at the collar and hames, where the traces attach. So there is a happy medium in the width of the single tree.

I suggest measuring the single tree that is on your current vehicle set up. If your vehicle doesn’t have a single tree you can measure between the shafts.

If you don’t have a vehicle then simply put your harness on your equine and have someone hold the traces back where they will attach (being careful to not get kicked!) and then measure between the two ends of the traces.

Our single trees are sized mostly be the size of the equine. So the 18″ long single tree would work for most miniature horses, the 22″ & 24″ singletree would work for most small to medium ponies, the 26″ single tree would fit most Haflinger/regular sized horses, and the 28-36″ single trees are for large horses to large draft horses.

We don’t currently have a single tree on our website that can be attached to an easy entry style vehicle. If you need something like this feel free to reach out to me at mindy@chimacumtack.com and I will point you towards a few places I know that sell that style. Our single trees are for dragging things like logs, sleds, tires and to be used with farm equipment and wagons.


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